How to Find Out God’s Plan For Your Life

Ask God

The first step to finding out God’s plan for your life will be to ask God. Matthew 7:7 says “seek and you’ll find”. Could the difference between the one who knows their life assignment and one who doesn’t be that one asked God and the other didn’t? James 4 says you do not have because you do not ask. Earnestly go before God in prayer and ask Him to show you your purpose here on earth.

What is it that you do with ease

My brother in law Joseph could play musical instruments from a very young age of 5. This to my father in law was an indication that God had assigned him to be a musician, today at 21 years old he has a successful global gospel choir.

1 Corinthians 12 tells us that they are various gifts that God has distributed and Romans 12: 6 – 8 speaks about the different gifts that have been given to us. At times people gifted in areas normally do what they’ve been gifted to do with so much ease and start showing signs at a young age. What have you loved doing from a young age?

What are you passionate about?

Sometimes what you are passionate about or what you easily get noticed for can be an indication of your life assignment. I know of a lady who is gifted in interior designing. She will quickly notice flowers and decorations that are out of place the moment she walks in a room whereas my other friend who is gifted in administration will quickly notice grammar mistakes in documents. They are both passionate and notice these thongs without even trying. Gravitating towards something can be an indication of what God has assigned you for on this earth.

Written by: Florence Madzivire.

Florence is the president of Explore Ministries. She and her husband are pastors in their local church.